I've always had ideas for businesses I wanted to start; handmade cards, cupcakes, party styling.   In fact, The Little Things by George has been an idea for years, and perhaps had its true beginning 10 years ago when I roped my bridesmaid into helping me make Eiffel Tower cookies as the bonbonniere at my wedding (back when I had to get the cutter custom made because it wasn't a thing yet!).


I’ve always loved cooking thanks to my mum, and a few years back considered a career change to the industry and completed chef school in the UK. But when I really thought deeply, I didn’t just want a career change, I wanted to be a mum. 


Fast forward another 5 years and I'm the luckiest George alive to have not one but two gorgeous babies to call my own. They are my world and have taught me what love truely is. 

Cooking with them is one of my favourite things to do.  It's also my escape when the motherhood caper gets too much.  My son is now 5 and it appears I’ve created quite the party planner as he comes up with so many of his own ideas for cakes and cookies! But the look on his face when he shared his baking at the park with his friends was just perfection. He was proud, kind, generous and had a sparkle in his eye. 🤩


Once again he inspired me to be more.  So here we are. I though it was about time I shared my baking too. And hopefully I too will leave a little sparkle wherever my baking goes. 😊


Life is short. Eat dessert first 😋