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The Little Things by George perhaps had its true beginning over 10 years ago when I roped my bridesmaid into helping me make Eiffel Tower cookies as the bonbonniere at my own wedding.  The day before no less (do not recommend!).

I've learned a few things since then!  I've spent over a decade as a unfulfilled chartered accountant, completed chef school in the UK and become a mum to my beautiful babies, although they aren't really babies anymore at 7 and 4 years old! 

My boy and I loved to cook together.  One day we took our baking to the park and the look on his face as he shared it around to his friends was pure joy. He was proud, kind, generous and had a sparkle in his eye. In that moment he once again inspired me to be more.  


I decided it was time I shared my baking too.

And hopefully I too will leave a little sparkle wherever my baking goes. 😊

Life is short. Eat dessert first 😋

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