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This standing gift box of cookies includes 10 mini cookies, all approx. 4cm.  Please note colours will change from those pictured for 2024.  Choose from the following options:


Vanilla mini eggs: 10 mini vanilla cookies (eggs)

Chocolate mini eggs: 10 mini chocolate cookies (eggs)

Mixed Bunnies and Carrots: 5 mini vanilla cookies (carrots) and 5 mini chocolate cookies (bunnies)

Chocolate Bunnies and eggs: 10 mini chocolate cookies (5 bunnies and 5 eggs)


If you would like them individually packaged for hunting, please ensure you select the individually packaged option when ordering (extra $3).  Each bag comes packaged and heat sealed to ensure freshness for at least 4 weeks from pick up.  


Pick up is from Ocean Grove on Thursday 28th March 2024

Bag of mini easter cookies

PriceFrom $20.00
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